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Is There Anything To Astrology?

"In Search Of", a popular documentary series in the late 1970's hosted by Leonard Nimoy, decided to do an episode exposing astrology and horoscopes as frauds because no one acted like their zodiac signs. However, the episode "In Search of Astrology" (January 12, 1978) wound up finding that in people did often behave like their zodiac sings predicted.

Horoscopes are the summaries of helpful advice for life based on astrology -- the movement of planets, stars and other heavenly bodies. Astrologers tend to focus on the heavenly bodies in this solar system. They are usually referred to as "planets" for convenience's sake, even though the moon, Pluto and the sun are also included in this category. The sun is given the most precedence of influencing behavior, then the moon, the inner planets, the outer planets, Pluto and then other celestial phenomenon.

Astrology is a study of interpreting how the movement of the planets can affect the moods and behavior of people on the ground. This may have been inspired by something as dramatic as the moon pulling the tides. Certainly, a full moon has been known to be the cause for mating or egg-laying behavior among fish and reptiles as online games free well as a rise in human births and full emergency wards. If the moon could affect nature, why not people?

Astrologers learn that if a planet moves a certain way, people born under a certain sun sign will tend to act a given way. They also have to consider if the planet is going retrograde (more on that later), how the planet relates to other planets and what constellation the Sun is in. So, in a regular newspaper or magazine horoscope, a very complex formula is often summarized in a couple of sentences.